I Hate Cleaning

I Hate Cleaning!Prepare yourself because I have a confession to make. I hate to clean. I do it only when I absolutely have to. As  a result, if I find a simple trick that saves me a significant amount of time I want to shout it from the heavens. That way everyone will know about it.

That being said, as I was cooking supper one night recently, I was reminded of some cleaning tips my mother taught me. Now I am going to pass them on to you. They have to do with cooking as well as cleaning, so listen up.

Put a Lid On it

Cover everything you cook in your microwave. Wow, that was so easy! All you have to do is cover your plate, bowl, etc. with either a paper towel or napkin to keep your microwave clean.

As an alternative to creating more waste, follow my lead and invest in one or two of those hard plastic covers.When mine gets splattered I just rinse it under the sink. Once its clean I gently shake the water droplets from it over the sink and put it back in the microwave until I need it again.

Get Steamed Up

If you must “clean” your microwave, just cook something that creates a little steam, like a potato. Or, boil some water in it instead. Either of these options will loosen whatever is stuck on the inside so that with just a few wipes of a cleaning cloth it’s sparkling!

Using these two tricks I hardly ever have to deep clean my microwave.  All I do is occasionally wipe away any random splashes or spills (usually for me its a bit of butter due to my microwave popcorn obsession! I know what you’re thinking: Butter popcorn is not as good for you as the lower fat, non-buttered kind. However in my opinion it tastes so much better its worth it.) and that’s it. Done!

I hope some of you got useful information from reading this. I added a recipe for Hot Crab Dip for your enjoyment. Pictures will follow as soon as I make it again! Have a great day everyone!

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